The Macadamia nut’s place in veganism

According to the Vegan Society, veganism can be described as a philosophy of life which excludes the exploitation of animal in any form (3). Therefore, veganism is more than a diet it’s a lifestyle (1). The vegans are a new group in society, registered as a charity in 1964, which branched out from vegetarians. The

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NDX overview

NDX, is the sales and marketing arm of the Golden Macadamias brand (established in 2001) we are located in Nelspruit, South Africa. The NDX focus is geared towards export, with the main product being macadamia nuts.  Our dedicated team consists of young, innovative and ambitious individuals, working together to provide our internationally based customers with

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The History of South African Macadamias

Macadamias were only introduced in South Africa in the 1960’s, around a 100-years after officially being discovered by Baron Ferdinand von Muller (the father of Australian botany) in 1857, Queensland, Australia. Baron Ferdinand von Muller named the macadamia tree after a colleague and friend Dr John Macadam, after his death. However, before the official discovery

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