Our buzzing Golden Macadamias orchards

Our buzzing Golden Macadamias orchards: Our fuzzy black and yellow friends – are one of the world’s most important pollinators. Specifically, within the South African agricultural sector, we have over 50 bee dependant crops (1). Why is our food security dependant on bees? Bees spend most of their lives collecting pollen as a food source

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The benefits of Macadamias nuts in your diabetic friendly diet

The benefits of Macadamia nuts in your diabetic friendly diet What is diabetes? Diabetes or medically known as diabetes mellitus, is a disease which affects the human metabolic system. This disease causes higher than average blood glucose levels which damages the patient’s organs, specifically the kidneys and eyes, which could potentially be fatal if not

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The Golden Macadamias Harvesting Process

Macadamia trees take between 4-5 years to bear nuts with a macadamia tree only reaching maturity at around 8 to 10 years depending on the variety. From flowering to harvest, the macadamia nut takes around 8 months to mature or ripen. Macadamias need to be harvested only when ripe to allow the nuts to fully

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